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AMEJA Mourns the Loss of Anthony Shadid

AMEJA Mourns the Death of Anthony Shadid, Reporter for NYTimes and AMEJA Board Member...

Rare is a voice that can convey news with the objectivity of a journalist, the intellect of a scholar and the bravery of a warrior. Anthony Shadid did all of that with compassion. All of us at AMEJA mourn the loss of a friend, a mentor and a colleague. It is not hyperbole to say he was perhaps the greatest Arab-American of our generation, and what an honor it is that he was a journalist.

For many of us, Anthony was not only a colleague, but a mentor, an inspiration, and a friend. Several years ago, Anthony graciously accepted a position as an honorary AMEJA Board Member. It is our hope that his legacy continues and that he will inspire journalists toward excellence and sensitivity in the years to come.

Our thoughts are with his family and friends.