If AMEJA is right for you, please fill out the application below. A list of FAQ's is below.  

Only completed applications, including a full description of your work and reasons for joining, will be considered.

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Is AMEJA an Islamic organization?
No.  While many of our members are of Muslim heritage, AMEJA is a completely secular organization.  Our members and supporters are of many faiths.

What are benefits of membership?

Other than tapping into a worldwide network of journalists, offering assistance, advice, even job leads to members. AMEJA members have been afforded discounts to conferences of other peer organizations such as SAJA (South Asian Journalists Association), AAJA (Asian American Journalists Association), UNITY (a conference of peer “identity” organizations), and have opportunities for collaboration with other professional journalist organization.   As AMEJA develops, there will be other benefits to full membership.

What are the membership dues?
To date, AMEJA members are not obligated to pay institutional dues. However, AMEJA does informally ask for a yearly minimal contribution of $25 to allow us to maintain base costs like (website, events etc) We also accept donations from private individuals and foundations.

I don’t cover Middle Eastern politics.  In fact, I don’t cover politics at all.  Does it make sense for me to join (or can I)?
Absolutely, AMEJA is for professional journalists covering all topics.  On our board we have journalists specializing in financial journalism, crime and police, public affairs, international affairs, gastronomy, and the arts.

I am a Pakistani journalist working in Lahore for a national Pakistani paper. Can I join AMEJA?
AMEJA membership is limited to journalists outside the US or Canada provided that they are working for a US or Canadian media organization.  We encourage you to follow our website and twitter accounts.  If you would like to contribute content that is of a high standard, please contact us at

I want to start an AMEJA chapter in my city.  How do I do so?
Contact the AMEJA board,, and we’ll help put you in touch with other journalist members in your area.   Starting a chapter is easy.  You just have to get together with members periodically and adhere to AMEJA’s standards.

I notice that a lot of events take place in New York.   Do you do anything outside of New York?
The organization was founded in NY and a number of our current board members live and work in the NYC area.  However, AMEJA events have taken place elsewhere and chapters have been established in Los Angeles and Dubai. We very much encourage members outside of NYC to hold events, professional, educational, or social, under the AMEJA banner.   And, if there is something anyone thinks AMEJA might co-sponsor, for example, a lecture at a local university or international affairs club, please bring it to our attention.   Co-sponsorship is a great way to get local AMEJA members together and get AMEJA’s name out there for very little effort or cost.

Can bloggers join?
That depends.   Blogging has obviously become an integral part of many journalistic enterprises, in some cases, replacing “traditional” bricks and mortar journalism.   Bloggers who demonstrate journalistic integrity in their writing and a serious dedication to their blog are encouraged to apply for membership

I work in the advertising department of a local TV station.  Can I join AMEJA?
If you are interested in AMEJA, we encourage you to apply for membership.   Decisions about the appropriate type of membership will be made on a case-by-case basis.  Employees of media companies are typically considered good candidates.