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Re: Orient features media professionals who trace their roots from North Africa to Southwest Asia. This podcast is for anyone who cares about how our understanding of the world is shaped by "the news" and is made possible by producers Sarah, Dalya and Cat, co-hosts/co-creators Noor, Nadia and Najib and other dedicated AMEJA members. More episodes are in the works. Be sure to like and subscribe so you do not miss any of these fascinating and provocative conversations. 

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Episode 5: Abdallah Fayyad on Covering Palestine & Israel

In 2021, hundreds of American journalists signed an open letter calling for more nuanced coverage of the Israeli occupation of Palestine. Abdallah Fayyad [@abdallah_fayyadthought the tides were changing. And then Oct 7th happened.

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Episode 4: Zahra Hankir on Cultural History

A conversation with Lebanese-British journalist Zahra Hankir [@ZahraHankir] on her upcoming book Eyeliner: A Cultural History.

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Episode 3: Rowaida Abdelaziz on Covering the Community

In conversation with investigative journalist Rowaida Abdelaziz [@Rowaida_Abdel], who covers Islamophobia, immigration and social justice issues at the Huffington Post. We take a close look at the implications for those who cover our community, yet are themselves part of that very community. What does it mean to be both the storyteller and a part of the story?

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Episode 2: Ramtin Arablouei on Narrative

In conversation with Ramtin Arablouei [@ramatinarablouei], co-host and co-creator of NPR's immersive history podcast Throughline. We explore the inherent tension between our mission as journalists to inform and the ever-present pressure to entertain. How do we responsibly use the tools of crafting narratives to achieve the goal of setting context?

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Episode 1: Laila Al-Arian on Objectivity

In conversation with Emmy-award-winning journalist Laila Al-Arain [@LailaAlarian], executive producer of Al Jazeera's documentary series Fault Lines. We dive deep to examine how we deliver "truth" when "objectivity" is itself a malleable concept shaped by culture, politics, religion and memory. What version of an event is the most true, and how do we convince others to believe it?

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OUR hosts

Nadia Hamdan [@nadzhamz] is a Lebanese-American journalist based in NYC. Currently, she works (alongside Najib) as a producer for Reveal, from the Center for Investigative Reporting. Previously, Nadia was a public radio reporter with NPR station KUT 90.5 in Austin, Texas. She once conducted an entire interview while riding a mule through downtown Austin.

Najib Aminy [@Jib821] is a producer for Reveal, from the Center for Investigative Reporting. Previously, he was an editor at Flipboard and also spent time reporting for newspapers such as Newsday and The Indianapolis Star. He launched the critically acclaimed indie podcast Some Noise, a wide-ranging and often surprising inquiry into the American narrative. He is Afghan-American, a lifelong New York Knicks fan, has a cat and is a product of Stony Brook University’s School of Journalism. 

Noor Wazwaz [@nfwazwaz] is a Palestinian-American audio journalist based in NYC. She is currently developing two narrative podcasts for Audible that will focus on government surveillance and the “war on terror.” Noor is a Chicago native, a graduate of Medill's School of Journalism and a perpetual homesick daydreamer.

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